How I Went From Printer Repairman to Millionaire – in Only 14 Months – Selling Online Courses

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Dylan Frost


Over the past 9 years, I’ve sold $22 million of online courses. Let me show you how…

In 2014, I was working at a community college in rural Kentucky doing desktop support and printer repair for a $40K annual salary.

But I wasn’t a great employee, because I spent all my downtime creating an online course that I hoped to sell one day.

You see, I got inspired to do this by a friend of mine who had created an online course about coaching youth football. It became so successful, he quit his job as a high school social studies teacher.

I would never have believed it was possible if I didn’t know him…

He wasn’t even a good football coach!

But quitting my job sounded nice, so I figured I’d give it a try.

There was one problem, though…

Actually, there were a few.

I had …

  • No website
  • No social media following
  • No experience making or selling online courses

And perhaps worst of all, I had ZERO authority. I was just “some guy” – nobody knew who I was.

But it turns out, none of that actually mattered...

Because when I released my online course, I made $147,067... in the first hour it was for sale.

Since then, I’ve sold $22 million in online courses.

Now, for the first time ever, I am going to publicly reveal the secret as to HOW I was able to have so much success so quickly… and how ANYONE can do it by simply following the same steps as me.

It’s all in this FREE training on December 6th.

Hope to see you there!