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In case you missed it... we just posted this really cool resource. We've had a lot of folks raving about the Case Studies we shared during the Masterclass, so now we've got them all on one page for your binge-watching convenience. Click the picture below and prepare yourself for some serious inspiration.

Just wrapped the FINAL live lesson of the Launch Masterclass

Holy smokes... that was a crazy final lesson. I can neither confirm nor deny that a squirrel may have chewed the lines and caused a tech challenge... But we came back online and finished strong. We've got the replay up (recorded in studio, so no glitches). Plus we opened registration for PLF... You can get all the details in the replay.

Doubling in Size with Every Launch

Feng shui expert Patricia Lohan had already launched on her own and saw modest results… but then she discovered PLF and her numbers really took off. Her first PLF-style launch brought in the equivalent of her annual salary at her last job. These days, Patricia is nearly doubling her list and her profits with every launch.

126% of Her Launch Goal - In the First Hour

Sylvie wasn’t sure what she wanted to launch, so she did a launch for her painting instructor. She beat her goal of 30 sales, making 68 sales in just the first hour of the launch - and eventually pulling in $200,400. Sylvie is already planning her next launch.

The Real Secret Behind Those Case Studies

Here's the real "secret" behind all these cool Case Studies...

B2B Launch and Seven Figures from a Tiny Email List

Renee Fink has a B2B business in the “employer records” industry. Faced with an ill business partner and the company losing money fast, she turned to PLF. Renee’s second launch led to a seven-figure contract... from an email list of just 1,000 names that she’d built from scratch, without spending any money on advertising.

Replay from Lesson 3 now live!

This one is about breaking down my launch process into a step-by-step roadmap that’s easy to follow. There's a really cool PDF that goes with this lesson... the Product Launch Blueprint. Make sure to download it when you watch the replay! Click this link to view this video on the replay page and leave a comment:

The B2B Launch - $700k (and $400K More in the Pipeline)

Craig Peterson is a computer engineer who sells very high end B2B networking and computer security hardware, software, and services. He recently sold $700,000 from his launch… with another $400,000 in the pipeline.

A Doctor Launching Physical Products

Dr. Karen Leggett helps women keep their hormones balanced. Burnt out from long hours and paperwork, she did her first Seed Launch with no list and no product. Now she makes $30,000 a month selling her physical products - and she loves launches. Karen has another doctor manage her busy private practice, while she runs her online business and travels with her husband in their RV.

$11,500 for a Product that Didn’t Exist (Yet)

Kat and Jason O’Neill are in the cannabis industry. Their first Seed Launch brought in $11,500… and that was technically before their course even existed, which means they got paid to create the course! Now after doing their Seed Launch, they know so much more about their audience, and they’ve got ideas for a bunch of cool new products.

Replay from Lesson 2 now live!

This one is about the three main types of launches, and how to know which one to use to grow your business. These launches work for any stage in business, from just starting out to 7 figures and beyond. Click this link to view this video on the replay page and leave a comment:

Helping People in the Bedroom - From Her Own Living Room

Vanessa Marin had a sex therapy business where she worked with clients on a one-on-one basis. She had a thriving business, but she thought she could help more people with an online business. She and her husband discovered PLF… and they’ve never looked back. Their first launch brought in $15,000… and their results grew from there. Their next launch did $45,000 and the one after that did $105,000.

He Put His Non-Profit in the Black… For Good

Rob Schwarz runs a non-profit that trains therapists and healers. Despite having a ton of great assets and trainings, the non-profit was struggling. And facing his second straight year of losses, he wondered if he would have to close the doors and shut down the business. Then he discovered PLF and put it to work. He’s done $1.2 million in launches since 2015… impacting thousands and securing a bright future for his non-profit.

Here’s what’s happening...

I just shot a quick video for you. Lesson 1 was epic, and I hope you were able to make it (or at least catch the replay). Here’s what’s happening in the next few days (plus a sneak preview of what we’ll talk about in Lesson 2). Check it out:

Launching Her Way Around the World

Polly Alexandre is a coach who helps people with their “money blocks”. Her first launch brought in over $51,000 dollars... which snowballed into another launch and then a mastermind event. From just one launch Polly made an astounding $531,170… all while globetrotting between London, Ibiza, and Los Angeles.

Lesson 1 Replay now live!

Just got the video uploaded from Lesson 1 - in case you missed it, we talked about how to build an audience and a product, even if you have no experience and you’re starting from nothing. I shared my formula for delivering value that naturally leads to a great launch and lots of sales. Make sure to check it out!

Click this link, or click the image below to see the replay right now:

Welcome to the Live Launch Masterclass!

Welcome to the Live Launch Masterclass. I shot a super quick video with an overview of what to expect. Check it out:

IMPORTANT: Check out the upcoming events in the box at the top right of the page. It’s got the schedule for the remaining live lessons in the Launch Masterclass. 

Each live lesson will be right here on this page, so don’t forget to add it to your bookmarks. I’ll send you an email reminder before we go live, too.

This thing is going to be EPIC - I’m going to see just how far I can go with this “give away your best stuff for free” theory of business building… and I think you’re really going to love it. See you soon!

Sneak Peek at My "Studio"

We’re just a few days out from the first live lesson of the Launch Masterclass. We’ll be broadcasting out of my “Secret Headquarters”, but first we’ve got a little work to get done to be “live mic ready”. Here’s what’s happening today… 

Remember to check out the “Upcoming Events” at the top of the page. It’s got the schedule of all the live broadcasts, plus a link to a time zone converter (if you need one).

The official 2019 Launch Masterclass schedule

So we’re doing something pretty cool this year - we built this class schedule for you, so you can know what’s coming up and when. It’s got some details about what’s happening in each class, and even some interesting behind-the-scenes stuff about what my team gets up to during launch time.

CLICK HERE to download the Official Launch Masterclass Schedule