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Case Study: The December Launch - how to QUADRUPLE your profits on a new product (and double your profits on an affiliate promotion)...

Last December Martin Speight did his first Product Launch Formula launch... on December 18th, right in the middle of the holiday season...

Marketing suicide? Hardly -the results were FOUR TIMES the results that he got the last time he released a product. Instead of $10,000, the launch did $40,000...

Watch this video to learn how Martin QUADRUPLED his previous results and how he pulled the product off the market just so he could relaunch it at a later date...

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Case Study Quick Facts: December Launch

Case Study Name: The December Launch

Who: Martin Speight

Niche: Exact niche undisclosed, fitness/health food related

First Launch Total Sales: $40,000.00

Second Launch (Affiliate Promotion) Total Sales: $8,000.00

Additional Facts:

- Previous product release did about $10,000 in sales... a very respectable number, but completely dwarfed by the $40,000 that Martin did with a coordinated product launch.

- Martin's second "launch" was an affiliate promotion. The best he had ever done promoting any other product was $4,000. When he put together a "launch" for this product he doubled his best ever results and did $8,000. (And remember this was a product he was promoting on an affiliate basis - it was sold every day by lots of other affiliates.)

- Neither of these launches were in the "Internet Marketing" niche. They were fitness/health food related.

- KEY POINT: Martin pulled his product off the market - he is convinced he can make more money by pulling it off the market and relaunching than he can by leaving it on the market.

- Martin says "I can honestly say I can't possibly imagine ever promoting an affiliate program or launching a product without using it (Product Launch Formula). It would be dumb."

- Congratulations Martin... great job on the launch, and way to launch your product on your terms! Keep me up to date on your next launch...

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Hi... this is Jeff Walker.

A few notes about this case study...

Martin Speight is another Product Launch Formula success story...

I love the way he used his launch to bring his product to market on his terms. Rather than waiting until after the holidays, he decided to use a launch to roll out the product when he was ready.

And I really REALLY love the way he turned around and did ANOTHER launch - this time an affiliate promotion - just a short time later. These product launches really do "stack" up... if you do it right, each launch gains momentum.

That is a common theme whenever I interview a Product Launch Formula Owner - after they do one launch, they already have two or three more planned!

Yet Another "Hidden Launch"...

Nearly every day there is another Product Launch Formula launch in some niche or the other - and even though you never hear about the vast majority of those launches... they are driving big sales, building large lists, and giving a turbo-shot of INSTANT MOMENTUM into those businesses.

Most people hear about the big "Internet Marketing" launches... but they never hear about all the launches in all kinds of different niches... there is no way you can, there are just too many little niches.

However, I am constantly hearing back from my Product Launch Formula Owners with their success stories in all those little niches... which is why I can pass along these case studies to you.

Here is a fact many people just plain miss...

These launch techniques actually work BETTER in niches other than Internet Marketing.

There is a simple reason for this - the techniques are brand new (or nearly brand new) in those niches. Those markets have never seen any of these launch strategies, and the people in those markets never know what hit them.

If you are selling in a niche market, and you want to create instant momentum with a new product... or you have an existing product that you want to RE-LAUNCH, then Product Launch Formula is a no-brainer.

Buy it, do your launch... and get ready for these kinds of results...

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best regards,
Jeff Walker

PS: Sometimes I hear people say "that stuff won't work in my market" or "that won't work with my business." Well, those folks are dead wrong. The Product Launch Formula works because it is based on underlying mental-triggers that are present in everyone's brains... no matter what niche you are selling in. To read more case studies in all different types of markets click here.


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